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Welcome to Bates Eye Exercises

Practical Vision Exercises

Basic information

Who is this site for? How to improve your vision by simple eye exercises? We will show you step by step.

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Relaxation techniques

Learn how to relax your body and especially your eyes. This is the first step for vision improvement.

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Exercises plan

How to start? Just use our generator to get your own personal exercises plan and start to regain your vision back.

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Basic exercises

Recall how to use your eyes with correct vision techniques and central fixation. It also explains the visualisation secrets.

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Specific exercises

We present the exercises for all of the common sight defects like myopia, hyperopia, squint and others.

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Premium zone

You can download the charts to perform all the exercises. The section also gives voice samples and extra materials.

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Generate your personal exercise plan

We strongly recommend you to use our generator for your personal exercise plan. It works simple like this:

1. First we need some information about your eye defect and amount of time you can spend for the exercises.
2. Based on those data, the generator will return two exercise plans just for you like in the example below:



Available to everyone in any age


Basic exercises

Recall how to use your eyes with correct vision and central fixation patterns. It also shows the power of visualisation techniques.

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About Our Charts

Get the charts

We have designed 26 charts to perform all the exercises here. In the package you can find:

  • Snellen charts (5 charts)
  • Snellen chart for children (1 chart)
  • Myopia exercises (3 charts)
  • Hyperopia exercises (3 charts)
  • Astigmatism exercises (2 charts)
  • Strabismus exercises (4 charts)
  • General exercises (2 charts)
  • Packet/mini version (6 charts)


" I have started the exercises for the last 6 months and my sight defects decreased of 1.5 dioptre! "

Jane Richardson / Boston

" Now I know how to relax my eyes. Never thought I will be able to work at the computer for a whole day with no eye strain. "

Tim Courtsay / Alabama

" I have finally found the place where I know what to do, step by step. Exceptional useful. "

Gale Stepmine / Partlake