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Before you start to practice

It is a pleasure to welcome all of you who decided to try the unconventional methods of visual improvement. These methods were described as early as 100 years ago by the excellent American ophthalmologist, Dr. William Bates, and since then, have been developed and applied with success in the whole world. Being founded on the years of experiments and research, they show us how to naturally invigorate the vision and give an idea on the correct seeing and vision process which is so impaired in the today’s computerized and technology-rich world.

Who is this site for?

  1. For everyone who has problems with the correct vision and wants to regain its original good condition.
  2. For people with good vision so that they can save themselves from the specter of glasses, and make their vision even better.
  3. For everyone in the age from 5 to 100, since it is never late to improve your vision, despite what you have been told by the eye doctors.

What to start with?

  1. You are strongly advised to read the chapter Before your start to practice below and put its guidelines into practice. Basically, I recommend you to read the whole section Introduction to practice and Relaxation exercises.
  2. During the practice, use the appropriate glasses or abandon their use (in the case of a small visual defect).
  3. Use the exercise plan generator to generate your own set of exercises.
  4. You can buy all the necessary aids for the exercises at our shop .
  5. Practice is the key

Visit the eye doctor before you start

badanie okulistyczne You should visit the eye doctor for many reasons. First of all, he is able to identify Your visual defect, which makes the choice of exercises easier and promises the improvement of vision. A visit at the specialist further allows to identify the abnormal changes in the eye, degeneration, cancer or other eye diseases that may be the contraindications to the exercises.

The portal BatesEyeExercises.com shall not be held responsible for the results of the presented exercises. In all cases, you should consult the eye doctor as to whether these exercises are safe for your health.

You should know about the further visits for assessing the improvement of vision. The eye doctor should be consulted not earlier than after about one year. This is caused, among others, by a significant measurement error of the so-called “computer vision test”. To determine your progress, simply use a Snellen chart.

Glasses and contact lenses

In order for the eye to perform the exercises, it needs to be active, and it will not be if we put a well-fitted “prosthesis” on it, such as the glasses. Generally, I advise the following approach:

pies w różowych okularach
  1. For a defect < = 1 diopter, the exercises should be performed without the glasses. The individuals with such a defect should abandon completely the use of glasses. Exception: during driving we should wear the glasses recommended by the eye doctor.
  2. For a defect > 1 diopter, you should buy the glasses smaller by about 1 diopter, and use them both for the practice and in daily activities. Exception: during driving we should wear the glasses recommended by the eye doctor.
  3. The individuals wearing the contact lenses should abandon them (since the lenses are not good for the efficient practice) and buy the glasses (see item a and b). As an alternative, we can practice in the morning and evening when we have not put the contact lenses on yet, and perform mainly relaxation exercises during the day.

The use of glasses of lower capacity than our defect will induce our eyes to work. At first, it is inevitably going to be a certain effort, but a week or two, and Your eyes will be invigorated. You will then begin to see what was very blurred and practically invisible before.

So, remove Your eye "prosthesis" and start to practice…

Medications and diet

tabletki Since eye exercises are going to considerably strain Your eyes, it is good to invigorate them sometimes with a proper diet or medications. We do not mean to persuade You to consume everything You find at the pharmacy, but advise to kindly read the guidelines below and perhaps use some of them for the health of Your eyes. As far as the medicines available at the pharmacy are concerned, we especially recommend the eyebright drops and Klarin due to their natural method of production.
  1. Listen to your body. It will tell You what it needs. If You feel like having a sour, sweet, salty or other taste in Your mouth, then do not refrain Yourself. Provided that it is not going to be 10 doughnuts a day or a visit at McDonald’s every second day :-) Learn to distinguish between Your body needs and greed.
  2. You have surely heard it many times “eat a lot of fruits and vegetables”. Well, I agree with that, but would also add to the menu such foods as: dairy, meat, fishes, bread, butter, sweets, nuts, fresh and dried fruits, and vegetables. Everything should be consumed in wise proportions, as balance is the most important thing for the body.
  3. Drink a lot of water during the day. Let it not be 2 cups of tea, but water in various forms, preferably 1-2 liters per day.

Charts and other aids for practice

Charts Some of the exercises presented on this site require the use of proper charts or other aids. The charts can be ordered here .

We also recommend you to visit our shop provided by Amazon, where you can find many interesting books on its offer, which broaden Your knowledge on vision exercises, as well as aids that will make the relaxation techniques or more advanced vision exercises easier

How much time for a daily practice?

It is a good question which has only one answer: spend all the time you have for the practice. If You can devote to Your eyes only 5 minutes a day, then practice for 5 minutes per day, and if You can practice for 1.5 hour daily, that is excellent. A detailed plan prepared according to Your visual defect and amount of daily time available for the practice can be downloaded in the exercise plan generator section.

It is also important not to make too much exercises in the beginning. Start to increase gradually the time of practice bearing in mind the major importance of relaxation and devoting most of Your time to relax. The more straining exercises to Your vision should be used in moderation. Observe Your body and especially the eyes. They will tell You when You do too much and need to take a break. If You feel that You have strained the vision, use one of the relaxation exercises (palming mainly).

ćwicząca dziewczyna Vision exercises are not the same as weight room practice. This is more concerned about relaxation of muscles rather than strengthening. Understanding this is a key to success, and is not easy as the forms of dynamic and passive relaxation of vision and whole body are little known and seldom used in our culture.

Depression and fatigue related to the practice.

emotikona płaczek As in many fields of life, the vision practice has its moments of discouragement, fatigue, lack of observable progress and even a temporary deterioration of sight. How to cope with that? Based on my experience, in such a case, I suggest to refrain from the exercises for a week or two and find Yourself other activities.
Go out on the swimming pool or to cinema, visit the distant family, so in other words, go on a short "holiday from practice". The most important is not to fall in discouragement and apathy, as this may ruin the progress and thwart our time.

The rules of good vision should be observed every day, remembering to relax the eyes and body.

How long does it take to improve my vision?

The first positive signs of improved vision can be observed by most people already after the first 2 weeks. However, the seriousness of visual defect and preparation for practice (at least 0.5 h a day + the use of proper glasses) are the key factors here. It can be assumed that on average our vision improves by 0.5 diopters within 2-3 months at a minimum of 2 daily practice sessions of 20 minutes. The serious improvement (especially the one that could be confirmed by the eye doctor) is yet to come.

emotikona oczy However, the fact is that in the case of the defects that have developed for, to say, 10 years, it will not be possible to achieve the success in half a year. The recovery of normal vision is going to come gradually, but in a shorter period of time than development of the defect itself.


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